Learn how to make your PPC account up to 50% more efficient and save thousands….

Most businesses are wasting large chunks of their marketing budget through poorly managed PPC!

The Deep Footprints PPC How to GuideDoes that sound over dramatic and emotive?

Well, I can tell you for certain that we have not picked up an Adwords account EVER where we haven’t found at least 10% of the traffic is irrelevant to the business. In most cases it is between 20% – 50%.

So, if you do the maths – what is say, 20% of your monthly PPC budget? What could you save over 1 year if you were more efficient?

We have also found that it is difficult for small advertisers to get expert help on PPC as they cannot afford it. If your PPC budget is $1,500 / £1000 per month or less then it does not make commercial sense to pay an agency $500 per month to manage your Adwords/Bing account for you.

Therefore, many small businesses simply have no other option but to do it themselves.

The problem with this is that it takes many years of experience to be able to do PPC properly: It has personally taken me 7 years of solid day in day out PPC work (mainly on Google Adwords) to get where I am and I still learn new things every week.

That is where this book comes in.

Our team have spent 6 months compiling all of our PPC knowledge and best practices into this 115 page comprehensive “How to do PPC ebook” that shows you step by step how to do PPC properly.

You can forget Google’s tutorials that only really tell you what they want you to know and learn from people who have been in the trenches and working on some of the most competitive PPC sectors in the world.

So sit back, relax, and let me give you three damn good reasons you should learn how to use Google AdWords yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it for you… for now, at least when you’re starting off.

Reason #1 — You Retain Control

The whole reason for investing in paid advertising is so that you gain control over your marketing. By doing it yourself you will build up the marketing skill set within your business, which you retain for the long term instead of paying an agency to borrow their knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong; we are a digital marketing agency and it makes sense for a lot of businesses to outsource, but in a lot of cases it simply does not make sense to use an agency.
Additionally, by building up knowledge yourself on PPC you will be in a strong position to evaluate the effectiveness of an agency in the future, should you use one.

Ignorance is not an excuse for not knowing if they’re following best practices, or neglecting your campaign, effectively wasting your hard earned money.
So educate yourself.

Reason #2 — You’ll Save Hundreds Per Month

As I said above – on average Adwords advertisers are wasting between 20% and 40% of their budget on irrelevant traffic.

If you are spending $1000 per month and you reduced irrelevant traffic from 20% to 10% then you would be saving $100 every month from that point on.

A good PPC management company is relatively expensive. As in a minimum of $500 per month to create and manage AdWords campaigns.

NEVER spend more than 50% of your ad spend on agency fees. Never. Don’t do it.

Also, never spend money on an “inexpensive” PPC company either… They’re usually inexperienced, just starting off or outsourcing abroad, and will make costly mistakes with your money.
You’re better off learning and doing it yourself.

Reason #3 — Experience And Self-Training

Experience is the best educator of all; yes there is a lot of information on the internet about PPC, and the majority of the information will tell you WHAT to do but rarely specifically HOW to do it.

We have managed literally millions of pounds of ad spend on Google and Bing over the past 7 years and have learned a LOT in that time.

This book will take you step by step through the key 11 facets of PPC. We spent 6 months discussing, devising, testing, re-jigging before publishing this book as we wanted it to be the best guide to PPC available anywhere in the world. That’s a tall order but we feel that there is incredible value in these pages.

It is a practical guide for small business owners and marketers to learn PPC in a short space of time – it is all practical, step by step advice that shows you exactly what you need to be doing to get your PPC account bringing you a much greater return on your investment.

If you want to try before you buy then simply send a tweet or Facebook update about the e-book and we will immediately give you a free 15 page taster chapter (a juicy one with lots of tips). Just hit the “pay with a tweet” button here:

This is what we cover in the FULL 115 page How to guide to PPC ebook:

The Deep Footprints How to Guide to PPC

Account Set Up

1. Why your business should consider PPC advertising
• What is different about PPC?
• Is PPC a good fit for your business model

2. Data, Tracking & Reporting on a PPC campaign
• What should you set your budget as?
• How can you track performance accurately?
• What reports do you need and which should you ignore?

3. Adwords Account Set Up
• How do you go about setting up your Adwords account – what settings should you opt for – you need to get these basics right!

4. A suggested Adwords Account Structure
• Learn a tried and tested method for getting targeted traffic and tightly controlling spend and targeting but at the same time leaving room for expansion.

The Basics

5. Understanding PPC Keyword Match Types
• What match types should you use and why?
• How should the match types be organized with ad groups?

6. Search query reports – Managing Keywords for Cost Effective PPC
• The secrets to having an efficient PPC account are often found in search query reports.
• Learn about negative keywords with some secret tricks on how to use them most effectively – hardly any PPC marketers know these strategies.

7. How to write the best PPC ads
• If you can write great ads then you will get lots of the right traffic – this chapter shows you how it is done.
• Hundreds of experiments over 7 years have given us a clear view on what works and what does not work – it’s all in here.
• Higher click through rate than your competitors means that you pay less – with these tips on better ads you will do just that.

Getting more experienced

8. Getting the most from your Google PPC ads using Ad Extensions
• What ad extensions are right for your business?
• How do you set up each of the different types of ad extension?

9. How to Increase Your Google Adwords Quality Score
• The higher your quality score the less you pay per click – we show you what factors affect your quality score.
• We then show you how to improve each of the factors to give you a higher quality score.

10. PPC Landing Page Optimisation
• How to create highly effective landing pages that work with your ads and keywords to get you sales and leads.
• How should you test the performance of your landing pages?

11. Develop a PPC Bidding Model to dominate your market.
• How should you bid on each of your keywords?
• How do you manage the bids of thousands of keywords all at once?
• What position should you run your ads in for the best ROI?
• What is your target cost per sale?

And there is so much more contained within this 115-page guide to PPC that you simply couldn’t learn elsewhere.

We believe that on average advertisers who read this book and put the strategies into practice will save at least $5,000 per year through learning the secrets that top PPC companies don’t want you to know, straight from insiders who break it all down into easy to consume steps on exactly HOW to do it, instead of WHAT to do.

They’re the same tips and strategies that we use for our private clients, but at a fraction of the cost… and better yet, we’re giving you this book at a fraction of the cost that it is worth.

The Deep Footprints PPC How to GuideYou will be surprised to know that you can buy this ebook for immediate download for only $47.

And for that investment of $47 this is the return on investment that you will get:

  • Save yourself around $2500 per year in wasted ad spend
  • Save another $6,000 on PPC agency management fees
  • Educate yourself and the others in your business making you a much more robust team

But there are other PPC ebooks on the net for free you say….Yes, we have read them too and there is a reason that they are free – they do not share a fraction of the easily applicable, step by step instructions that you will find in this ebook.

Google change their rules and their tools functionality regularly, When was the book last updated?

October 1st 2012 was the last date the book was updated.

How do I receive the book and what format is it in?

You can purchase the book direct through Paypal right now. Just click the button below to buy and you will be taken to Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account). Once you have paid then you will immediately be emailed a secure and private link to access the book.

Still unsure? well… if you read the book and are not completely happy then we will give you a 100% no quibble refund.

That’s right – simply send us an email explaining why you are not happy with the book (we would love to know – genuinely) and we will give you a full refund within 48 hours.

Joel Chudleigh May 2012 high resI sincerely hope that you benefit from the book and enjoy putting these methods into practice and seeing your business benefit.

Kind Regards

Joel Chudleigh, Founder Deep Footprints

P.S. – just so that everything’s clear, you’re getting all the expert tips, strategies, and tools you need to create a profitable Google AdWords campaign from scratch… strategies that have been gained over the past 7 years by our team through managing more than $5,000,000 in Google AdWords advertising that could bring in new customers month after month after month.

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