Optimising the Marketing Funnel for Small Businesses: A Focus on Conversion and Growth

In the realm of small business marketing, the efficacy of traditional models often comes into question. The traditional marketing funnel suggests a linear progression from Awareness to Action where a potential customer first becomes aware of your brand and then moves along their journey through being educated on your offerings, developing an interest in them..

Phasing out of third party cookies: What small businesses need to do.

This guide is designed with small businesses in mind – regardless of the country you are in this change will impact your digital marketing and you need to take a few hours to understand what is happening and also what you need to do to prepare. We put this off during 2023 as we knew..

Why Steven Gerrard is the Email Marketing of the Digital Marketing Landscape

Steven Gerrard, a former English professional footballer, is widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation. His consistent performance throughout his career led him to countless succcesses, However Gerrard was frequently overshadowed by more flashy teammates for a few reasons: Style of Play: Gerrard’s style was more about effectiveness than flair. While..

Google’s Performance Max Campaigns for UK Small Businesses: A Quick Overview

Google’s Performance Max (P-MAX) campaigns stand as a significant move in their constant drift towards automation, especially for small businesses in the UK. This blog post aims to quickly unpack the complexities of P-MAX campaigns, focusing on challenges like managing search query data, controlling traffic quality, and navigating budget constraints. The aim is to help..

Navigating Financial Challenges in Small Business: Strategic Marketing vs. Cost-Cutting

In times of financial uncertainty, small businesses often face a critical decision: invest in marketing to fuel growth or cut costs to conserve resources. This decision can significantly impact a business’s trajectory for years to come. The important thing to recognise is that if you are in a hole then it is necessary to make..

Using ChatGPT to write the perfect Instagram / Facebook Ad text

We are all now getting used to generative AI with ChatGPT still the leading tool in the market. We have been using the tool more and more to get the building blocks of ad texts, but have found that building the right prompt is critical and takes some time. In this post we break down,..

The Google Ads Myths That Drive Business Owners Crazy – Google Ads prioritise big advertisers over small businesses

This is the second post in a series about common myths surrounding Google Ads. The aim is to not only tackle the myth but also give small businesses some insight into how Google Ads works and to better optimise their accounts. The myth that we are going to tackle today is: Google Ads prioritise big..

The Google Ads Myths That Drive Business Owners Crazy – Google Ads are overpriced and not cost-effective

This is the first in a series of posts that I hope will dispel some misconceptions or common myths surrounding Google Ads. These myths are not exclusive to Google ads but perhaps because it is the largest ad platform in the world it is the one that receives the most scorn from business owners. In..

The Cognitive Biases that Lead to Poor Marketing Decisions

Following a complicated call with a client where they were seemingly blindsided to a problem in the business I started thinking about my own cognitive biases and how these influence my thinking. I put together this list of the different biases that I try to be mindful of – I think I have fallen for..

Unveiling Insights into Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns with Google Data Studio

Google Ads users have been grappling with the challenge of gaining detailed insights into specific channels within Performance Max campaigns. We want clarity on how much of the traffic we are getting is from Google Shopping, Gmail, Youtube and the Display Network. Without clarity on where the traffic is coming from it is very tricky..