Save time with Google Adwords Automated Bidding Rules

Over the past year Google have really invested in giving advertisers the ability to set up rules to help them automate and scale the management of their accounts. This screenshot shows you where you can find the rules in the Google Adwords interface. The screenshot was taken on the Keywords tab but the rules are..

How Google have made us all bid higher on Adwords

Hats off to Google; they are an incredibly bright bunch over there. Adwords is perhaps the most intelligent ad platform ever built and Google keep on adding new dimensions to it which make it both more customisable and at the same time less accessible to the average small business owner and also slightly tougher to..

Product Listing Ads in Google Adwords Are Cheap (So far)

Over the past month Google shopping has been transitioning from a free service that allowed advertisers to submit a XML feed of their products to the Google Merchant Centre and then benefit from a good amount of free traffic to a paid service through Google Adwords called product listing ads. Not surprisingly a lot of..