Digital Marketing Services

Our job is to grow your business. The internet is constantly presenting new opportunities for businesses to reach their customers and it is our responsibility to get you as much business as possible within our agreed budget and time frame. We do categorise our digital marketing services into different marketing channels such as PPC or SEO and have specific experts working in these fields. However, we do not see them as distinct. There needs to be a tightly woven plan that has a clear and consistent strategy. Our team members work closely together and cross over into each others work so that everyone has an understanding of how their contribution benefits you, our client in the centre.

Here we will quickly summarise what the different digital marketing services that we offer are so that you can see how we can help you to achieve your overall business goals.

PPC consultantsPPC consultants

Our approach to PPC is heavily data driven. We initially research your business and create a PPC account structure that fits your objectives. We constantly improve your performance through ad copy improvements, landing page improvements as well as mining new keywords and negative keywords through search query reports. We constantly learn and innovate on what is working well and kill off the things that do not work.

SEO consultantsSEO consultants

Our approach to SEO is all around long term success. However, we do understand that this needs balancing with achieving your short term financial goals. We help you to create content that positions you as the leading expert in your field and then we build links into your website from other websites relevant to yours so that you receive referral traffic as well as stable long term SEO rankings.

Conversion optimisationConversion optimisation

Driving traffic to a website is only half the story when it comes to digital marketing. Our conversion rate optimisation service helps you to better understand your users needs and to meet them with your website. We use tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and survey's to understand what your customers want and need. We then help you to re-design and test elements of your site to make statistically solid conversion rate improvements.

Email marketingEmail marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of a well oiled marketing process. We help you to define the key customer interactions with your business and set up rules regarding who should be emailed and when. It is important to balance the frequency and tone of communications with user expectations. We help you to get the right balance and to design, plan and send emails that get results.

Social media marketingSocial media marketing

Social media has initiated a fundamental change in the way people communicate and what our expectations are of others in how they communicate. This includes brands. Social media is a vital tool for all companies and it is where you will find many opportunities over the coming years. we help you to find the real opportunities using social media and to capitalise on them. Social media is first about listening and then communicating (not broadcasting).

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