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Email Marketing gives the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels

Email Marketing gives the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels

  • In 2011 the DMA announced that email marketing gives the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels at an average of £25 for every £1 spent.
  • 72% of respondents to an Econsultancy survey in early 2011 described email marketing's ROI as excellent or good. Only organic SEO scored better.
  • 68% of small businesses surveyed in mid-2011 by Pitney Bowes listed email as their preferred marketing channel.

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Why use Deep Footprints for your email marketing?

How often do you receive unwelcome emails in your inbox which you consider ill timed, not relevant or simply not wanted?

How would you feel if recipients of your emails felt like that about them? no-one wants to be labelled a spammer.

Our email marketing is based on a strategy of using hard data and our many years of experience of what works and does not work to build you a bespoke email marketing plan for your business that is timed and toned to your customers and clients.

The plan then mutates and adapts over time to fit your changing business goals and to meet the needs of your customers.

  • We help you to build a list of recipients who are warm to your business and who want to hear from you.
  • We use the data in your database to understand the different groups of customers that you have; how they shop, why they shop with you, how often they shop with you, what they like to buy from you and what can incentivise them to purchase.
  • We build you an email marketing plan that can treat each individual differently based on their specific preferences and wants.
  • We are platform agnostic, this enables us to work with your preferred email marketing provider. we can also recommend you a platform to suit your budget and needs.
  • We use the data from the email marketing campaigns to learn more about your customers and to increase the open rates and to decrease the unsubscribe rates.
  • We learn more about what works with each campaign and for whom and feed this into the strategy.
  • Our email marketing campaigns make best use of the technology available to us.

Email marketing solutions we provide

We do provide a full range of email marketing services including:

  1. Sourcing an email broadcast provider that fits your business needs.
  2. Forming a communication strategy that helps you to move your website visitors from their initial visit to the point of being a customer and beyond.
  3. Designing email marketing templates that achieve high click through rates.
  4. Copy writing emails that encourage users to take action.
  5. Running specific email campaigns that have a clear goal.
  6. Managing the tracking and analysis of email campaigns and creating clear action plans for improvement.

Here are a few examples of the type of email campaigns that we can run for you:

Abandoned baskets

Sandra visits your website on Monday evening and adds a Sweatshirt and a pair of jeans to her basket. She then goes through the registration process but before checking out notices that there is a £5 shipping cost. She therefore decides to shop around and possibly come back later.

However, most people NEVER come back in this scenario. So what can you do?

As you captured Sandra’s email address in the registration process you can use email marketing to contact her to try and guide her through her first purchase with you.

You send her an email a few hours later letting her know that the items have been reserved for her and if she buys today then she will receive free shipping.

Sandra now has had the barrier to her purchase removed so she re-visits your site and completes her purchase.

Visitors who download a whitepaper of yours

You have a whitepaper or an e-book on your website that is being used to capture email addresses as leads.

Let’s use the example of a white paper on a type of accounting software that you sell.

Firstly we can make some assumptions about the people who downloaded the white paper:

  • They have a need for accounting software
  • They work within the accounting function or technology function of your business, or in a smaller business perhaps they are the business owner.

With this information we can make some decisions about what other content may be useful to them:

  • You could send them links to independent reviews of your software.
  • You could email them specific case studies of your past customers showing how they have used your software to solve their specific business problems.
  • You could send them the results of a recent customer survey showing the benefits that your users feel they are getting through using your accounting software.

All of these pieces of content are designed to build trust, appeal and credibility in your product. They do not sell in a pushy way but they give the potential customer all of the information that they need to go ahead and either make a purchase or to pick up the phone to you to discuss things further.

These are just 2 small examples of how we use email marketing to benefit our clients overall marketing strategy. There are plenty more tricks up our sleeves.

Our track record

Deep Footprints have an excellent working knowledge and technical grasp of Social Media, PPC and SEO. I have been recommending them to friends and clients that are in need of a marketing service and will continue to do so as they are simply excellent at what they do.

Nathan Wright
NW Consulting

Meet your customers needs in a timely and appropriate manner

We use the data that exists within your business to build you an email marketing strategy that will expand your appeal, relevance and credibility with your customers and potential customers.

We plan and build creative email marketing campaigns that match your brands tone of voice and which are timed correctly for the recipients in order to get a positive response.

We are constantly monitoring results and tweaking the strategy to have an ever improving means of communicating with your customers. This will result in constant sales growth as well as customer loyalty.

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