Search Engine Optimisation

What our SEO consultants can do for you

What our SEO consultants can do for you

  • Increase relevant traffic to your web properties.
  • Increase sales/leads on your website.
  • Improve the content on your website to make it more engaging.
  • Assist you in becoming a leading authority in your market.
  • Gain loyalty amongst your customers and respect from your peers.
  • Build sustainable business growth.

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Benefits of using our SEO Consultant Service

All of our SEO work is bespoke to your business. There is no one size fits all approach to SEO. Our SEO consultant service begins with us getting to understand as much about your business as possible: What are your business aims? What is special and unique about your business? What are your strengths and weaknesses and also what are your competitors doing?

We take the time to understand all of this as with SEO a solid strategy is key. Our SEO strategy can really be split into 2 parts:

1) Onsite, technical SEO where we help you ensure that your content is well optimised for the target keywords we identified in the research phase and that your website is accessible to the search engines crawlers.

2) Link building and reputation building – This is where we work closely with you to identify which websites we want links from and how we can go about getting them. This requires creativity, friendliness, knowledge and insight – all of which we bring to the table in abundance.

What Results can you expect and when?

There is no simple answer to this question although what we can guarantee is a true and passionate commitment to delivering you the best results that we can.

As a rough estimate you will start to notice a difference about 6 weeks into our campaign, depending on exactly what it is we are doing for you and from there on you will see constant month on month growth.

Judge us on our past work: We have helped many other customers achieve success in the past; our approach brings consistent and steady progress.

Over 6 months we have helped clients to increase traffic and sales by 100%, this does not happen every time, but we do consistently see positive results with all of our clients.

For us to be successful as a digital marketing agency we need to get results for our clients so that they stay with us for the long term. If you succeed then we succeed.

How much do we charge for our SEO service?

Costs vary depending on exactly what needs to be done for you – every project has different requirements. However, we are a virtual business so have lower overheads than most and therefore can afford to charge around half the amount that the average SEO agency/consultant charges.

Our track record

Deep Footprints are very conscientious and effective managers of our SEO projects. They have had total responsibility for our SEO and have achieved great results. They are great to work with, and have total integrity in what they do and the way they interact with us as their client. I cannot recommend them too highly.

Neil Davidson
My Web Presenters

Our SEO consultancy service will bring you strong steady growth

Our SEO consultancy service will bring you strong steady growth

We will research your business, the industry and your competitors to understand exactly what you do and what your strengths are.

We help you develop your website so that the content it holds is the most compelling in your industry and targets the right SEO keywords to get you results.

We build links to your website and we build your reputation so that you gain solid consistent growth in search engine rankings and traffic that do not falter due to algorithmic changes.

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