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What our Social Media Marketing Service Will Achieve

What our Social Media Marketing Service Will Achieve

  • Find out exactly what your customers think and feel about you. Listen and then communicate.
  • Create stronger bonds with your customers through informal and timely communications.
  • Extend your reach through tapping into the friends of your contacts.
  • Build trust, authority, web traffic and sales.

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The Benefits of our Social Media Marketing Service

The most powerful as well as the easiest way to build your business is through word of mouth recommendations. If your friend recommends a product or service to you then you will probably give it a go.

Social media has now made personal recommendations possible on an unparalleled scale. The way that the Internet is used has fundamentally changed over the past few years, this started before Facebook, but Facebook and Twitter have really been the tipping point.

At Deep Footprints the goal of our social media marketing service is to support you in grasping this incredible opportunity to build strong, lasting relationships with your customers and potential customers. We show you show to tap into the conversations that are occurring on the web regarding your business and we enable you to create advocates of your brand amongst your customer base who help you to market your business for long-term success.

What does our social media marketing service entail?

  • We research your business and industry intensively to understand where your customers and potential customers are on the net and how you can connect with them. This research never stops.
  • We will get the necessary social media accounts set up for you, if you do not have them already.
  • We will then build your presence and voice in your community on these sites and bring you opportunities for growing your business; this may be direct customers, interviews, reviews, guest blogging opportunities – whatever you are comfortable with and that will be most effective.
  • We will help you to develop content that meets the needs of this community and that will bring you attention and respect from your peers and your customers.
  • We carefully distribute this content on social media platforms and sites to get the most out of it.
  • We work together with you to help you understand more about your customers as social media can have far wider implications for your business than may at first be apparent.
  • We use a number of tools to manage social media marketing to best effect and are happy to train you to use these tools too.
  • We work openly and transparently and want you to know exactly what you are getting from us. We will report to you on a weekly basis with our progress.

Our track record

Deep Footprints were quickly able to analyse our website and understand the business. They helped us to think differently about the approach that we were taking and helped us to get back on track. They have an excellent working knowledge and technical grasp of both PPC and SEO and are good writers to boot. I have been recommending Deep Footprints to friends and clients that are in need of a marketing service and will continue to do so as they are simply excellent at what they do.

Nathan Wright
NW Consulting

Build stronger relationships with your customers & let them help you grow

Build stronger relationships with your customers & let them help you grow

Find out what conversations are happening in the blogosphere and on social networks about your business and your competitors. Listen in and take part.

Build stronger relationships with your customers that make them feel sincerely valued. Then watch them assist you in marketing your business for free.

Once you are in touch with your customers needs and wants and have their support you can grow the business at a much faster pace.

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