Web development

What our web development service can do for you

What our web development service can do for you

  • Improve customer acquisition costs
  • Our designs present your business beautifully and generate demand for your products/services
  • Development of a logical & effective site structure
  • Create a highly functional website that is built for long term growth
  • Easy integration with CRM systems, Marketing & analysis tools as well as payment gateways

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Benefits of our Web Development service

At Deep Footprints we work closely with clients using a step by step process to deliver beautiful websites that achieve business goals. Web Development and design has to drive emotion as well as being functional.

All websites and apps that we development are responsive and considerate of the user experience across mobile/handheld as well as desktop devices.

Additionally all of our code follows best practice coding standards and no corners are cut on problem solving – things are done the right way.

At Deep Footprints our background is marketing. We therefore think commercially and from the perspective of a client as we are very familiar with being the client to various developers. We know from our experience the consequences of poor code and it’s potential future negative impact.

Internally we work closely as a team – thinking through the design, development and the end user experience together from the outset. The focus is not simply on great design, but rather great design that works well for the users of your business.

Through close collaboration and frequent communication with clients we work efficiently and cost effectively.

We use online development and design tools to give our clients working prototypes of the web development or app development that they will be delivered so that there are no surprises.

Clients can give us feedback directly through commenting on the online tool and then we make the requested changes until we reach a stage where the client is completely happy.

This collaborative process means that little time is wasted and the process is iterative and progress constant.

We appreciate all of the clients that commission us to work on their digital designs and aim to always exceed expectations.

We primarily work with small and medium size businesses as we enjoy getting involved with the people who are truly passionate about the business and also because we can see the effects of our work easily through our clients successes.

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Our track record

We are a startup in Japan that provides beauty services to overseas travelers using the Internet. In many start-ups, the task is like a mountain, and resources and budgets are low. Attracting customers at the lowest cost is the most important point for business growth. Joel, the CEO of Deep Footprints is one of the few talented people who realises that. He does not make complicated proposals that cause us headaches and cost us time. By suggesting fast improvements that work right now, we have seen great results. Then, while measuring the effect each month, I was taught how to improve our customer acquisition costs by repeating small improvements to the website and the marketing. Deep Footprints are a reassuring business partner for us.

Eri Kimura, CEO & Founder
Tokyo Beauty Stars

Making your web development achieve business goals

We will analyse your business, the industry and your competitors to understand exactly what you do and where your strengths are. We will get to know and understand your customers so that we are making changes that are relevant to your audience.

Our web development work initially focuses on the structure of the site/app to ensure easy navigation for the users. The layout of each page – ensuring that key information is presented clearly and logically, and that the page isn’t confusing. We integrate all 3rd party systems such as your CRM, marketing tools such as email systems, web analytics and ad accounts. We also handle integrations with payment gateways and financial tools.

We work collaboratively with you from the initial design concepts, through a fully interactive prototyping phase where you can experience the website/app, then feedback and comment. Then finally to sign off and completion. You will see constant progress in the right direction. Our focus is on clean code, that meets recommended best practice and is stable - no cutting corners.

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