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Web Development

We have all experienced the frustration of using a website or app that does not let you achieve the simple actions that it is built for.

You hit the confirmation button and your order is deleted, do you start the whole process again at the risk of the same thing happening again or go elsewhere?

Users want simplicity in a user interface and are impatient when they encounter issues.

At Deep Footprints Digital our primary focus is on helping your customers and users achieve what you want them to achieve on your website or app as simply and quickly as possible.

It’s a simple goal but the road to realising it can be complicated. We make this process easy and work closely with you so that you also learn something new about your customers.

Our web development service is here to help you improve the performance of your business on the internet.

What you can expect from our
Web Development Service


We design and build sites/apps that are easy to use, functional and get results. We work hard to understand what needs and motives your customers have and focus our development around that. Web Development and design also has to drive emotion as well as being functional.

Responsive Design

All websites and apps that we develop are responsive and considerate of the user experience across mobile/handheld as well as desktop devices.

Extensive Research

Our process involves getting to understand your specific business and it’s place in your industry on a deep level. We then combine that insight and knowledge alongside our designers and developers experience to get you great results. We understand the digital landscape and know how to adapt the options available to each of our clients specific needs.

Collaborative Approach

We use online development and design tools to give our clients working prototypes of the website or app development that they will be delivered so that there are no surprises.

Clients give us feedback directly through commenting on the online tool, we then make the requested changes until we reach a stage where the client is completely happy.

Work Ethics

Our approach is perhaps not typical – we are flexible around your needs and are at the end of the phone when you want us. We do not see our responsibility ending with a new design, it is our job to help you grow your business.

Hard Truths

At Deep Footprints Digital our background is marketing. We therefore think commercially and from the perspective of a customer. We know from our own experiences the consequences of poor code and it’s impact on business performance.

Range of Web Development Services

Website Design

We design and build websites for a wide range of businesses from scratch. Our website design work is always results focused.

Website Development

We build websites using Magento, WordPress & Shopify mainly. We also develop custom code/extensions wherever necessary and make sure that all code follows best practice and is clear and easily understandable for other developers.

User experience

Our web development work initially focuses on the structure of the site/app to ensure easy navigation for the users. The layout of each page – ensuring that key information is presented clearly and logically, and that the page isn’t confusing.

Mobile app development

Taking the same user centred approach to development as with the website design. Our apps have a fast loading time, ease of use and of course delightful interaction. Our aim is to keep things simple for the user.


Hear what Our clients Say
About us

“ We hired Deep Footprints to manage our paid search campaigns on Google ads initially and then later introduced Microsoft (Bing) Ads. They managed our ad accounts for 5 years. Over that time period the monthly leads grew from about 20 per month up to 100 per month and at the same time the cost per lead was slightly reduced, which aligned with the aims of the campaign.…”

Kerry Katsapaos

Head of Marketing, Mauve Group