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Aran April 10, 2012 at 6:55 am

Hi – great post! Regarding this point:

“Sort through the 120 new keywords and put them into themed groups, add in new ad groups that have an again tighter theme for each of these groups, create new and more highly targeted ads and then add in a negative keyword that clearly represents the theme of the ad group to all other ad groups (not the same ad group)”

I am doing this now with my campaigns, but I am not certain if I should be adding the long tail keyword as phrase match or exact match – what would you suggest?


Joel April 10, 2012 at 7:20 am

Hi Aran
I have actually revised my strategy since this was written and have an idea that works more effectively;
What I would suggest is having an account structure where you have 2 ad groups for each theme or product type – one for exact match keywords only and another for broad match modified keywords only.
So for example: you have 2 ad groups for Natural Weed Control
1) Natural Weed Control – broad
2) Natural weed control – exact

You add the same keywords into both ad groups but only in the specified match types. Then in order to control the flow of traffic you add all of the exact match keywords to the broad match ad group as negative exact match keywords.
This means that if you have the keyword [organic weed control] in the Natural weed control – exact match ad group then you should add this same keyword as a NEGATIVE exact match keyword to the Natural weed control – broad match ad group.
Then going forward the next time you mine keywords through a search query report you will see all of the search terms that are being triggered by the broad match ad group’s keywords – when there are tasty keywords then add them into the exact match ad group as exact match keywords (be strict on the match types) and then again add it as a negative to the broad match ad group that it initially triggered an ad for.
You can also then easily spot the poor search terms which need to be added as negative keywords and add them in.
This is pretty tricky to explain in a comment – needs another post really so if you want me to talk you through it then just email me at joel@deepfootprints.co.uk with your Skype details and I will give you a bell to explain. Not looking for a job – just appreciate that you are enjoying the blog.


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