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ppc consultantAre you failing to get the results from pay per click marketing that your business deserves in your market?

Do you see costs increasing month on month but sales going nowhere?

Are you clear on the exact search terms that work for your business and why?

How do users search for products/services such as yours?

How can pay per click help you grow your business?

These are all questions that our clients come to us with and they all have solutions and answers. The possible causes of poor performance are complex but we can help you to quickly understand the issues that you are facing and to come up with solutions and get them in place fast.

Having a successful Google Adwords or Microsoft AdCenter (Bing) account is simply a matter of doing the correct analysis for your specific business and working hard at consistently improving performance.

Our team are highly experienced PPC marketers with a history of managing highly complex PPC accounts with over 400,000 keywords since 2005. We have helped large businesses to increase their revenues through PPC by 40% year on year without increasing the advertising spend. As well as large businesses we have plenty of experience with small businesses and have helped many to build their businesses from scratch as well as to quickly expand and grow their market share. We can also assist you to achieve similar success in your market.

We always greatly enjoy getting to know new people and businesses and take a very active interest in the businesses that we help; this is not only fun but also necessary to achieve success as if we do not understand exactly the products and services that you are selling and also the profiles of your customers then we will have a hard job marketing your business. we have worked as PPC Consultants across a broad range of sectors including: fashion, home furnishings, office supplies, car sales, accountancy, estate agencies, video production, car hire, catering businesses to name a few.

For a completely free, no obligation consultation about your business and how to improve your pay per click marketing call us on 020 3239 3811 now

What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) allows advertisers to show an advert when someone types a keyword into a search engine that is connected to the product or service that they are selling. As people are actively searching for products and services in real time PPC allows businesses to show their adverts to people who are searching for the exact product/service that they sell right now. This brings together buyers and sellers at a relatively low cost as you just pay the cost of a click for someone to come to your website.

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to drive instant targeted traffic to your website, If done well then you can stay ahead of your competitors and deliver more leads and greater sales at a lower cost than your competitors. With PPC there is an ongoing cost as you pay a cost for every click. Costs can be reasonable if the right keywords are chosen and the campaign is managed correctly but typically vary between 10p and £2 but in highly competitive financial markets bidders are willing to pay £20 per click.

The main search engines that provide this service are Google Adwords and Bing (MSN AdCenter). Yahoo merged their search in a partnership with MSN in 2010 so since early 2011 Bing have been powering Yahoo’s PPC.

PPC works on a bidding system where essentially the highest bidder for a keyword phrase is ranked highest in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The other factor that determines your ranking is your quality score which is mainly determined by how relevant your ad is to the keyword that you are bidding on and also how relevant your ad is to the landing page that you are sending people to on your site. However bidding is still the main determinate of your position.

We have a lot of experience of setting up PPC campaigns for clients and managing them at a much lower cost than you will be able to find with larger marketing agencies. We have helped fashion and furniture retailers, office supplies retailers, car showrooms and accountants to improve their return on investment from PPC so have a diverse range of skills that can help your business.

You may see people offering PPC management for £100/month and this is of course possible but it just means that they will not be spending much time on your account. We will be completely transparent with you about our fees – We will work out with you exactly the level of service that you need and can afford and will then charge you a fair hourly rate for that service.

Why do PPC?

The primary benefit of doing PPC is the immediacy of the results. You advertise and when someone actually visits your site you pay. Whereas with SEO it takes longer to get the correct content on your site and to build links to it so that you can increase your rankings in the search engines results pages.

With PPC keywords can be added, paused and deleted within seconds, also ad copy can be quickly changed depending on market conditions and your business needs. It is especially effective for short-term campaigns, where perhaps you have a one-off promotion that you want to advertise to your market.

As Pay Per Click drives visitors to your site immediately where they can either purchase something or pick up the phone to order a service from you it has an instant return on investment whereas more traditional forms of marketing have a longer lead time from placing an advert to gaining sales.

One of the benefits of online marketing is that everything can be tracked and monitored, in particular PPC can be measured very accurately and mechanisms can relatively easily be put into place to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. To maintain a campaign’s effectiveness and ensure keywords are performing, campaigns need to be regularly reviewed.

As we have many years experience of PPC behind us know all of the pitfalls and misunderstandings/mistakes that people can make so can easily avoid them. We can manage your PPC campaigns so that they provide you with an exceptional return on investment. As well as a high level of experience we have low overheads as we work virtually so can offer you the same service that top brands are paying agencies £100/hour for at a fraction of the cost.

The PPC Consultant services that we offer include:

Business Research

When running a PPC campaign it is vital that we understand your business, your customers and your competitors. We will therefore spend some time talking with you to gain as much knowledge about your business as we possibly can in a short space of time. We will then go away and do some research using any data that you have on past search engine performance, website performance and industry data as well as competitive research conducted across the search engines.

Keyword research
Identifying the keywords that are most suitable for your business and will get you the most effective traffic for your budget.

Campaign set-up
We will take care of all of the campaign and ad group set up and organise all keywords and ads for best performance.

Ad writing
We have been writing PPC ad copy for 7 years now and know the mindset of a searcher so can ensure that you have ad copy that will bring relevant people to your site.

Ad Split Testing
It is important to Continually test new ads to achieve the best possible click through and conversion rates – your website will undoubtedly change over time with different offers and discounts – it is always important to communicate these in your ads.

Adding negative keywords
Once you have a campaign running it is important to conduct research into the search terms that are triggering your ads and to add negative keywords to the account to prevent ads showing for irrelevant searches.

Monitoring, Measurement and Reporting
We will give you complete transparency in our reporting with effective monitoring of campaigns and feeding back analysis into the campaigns to continually improve them. Measurement and reporting on progress and recommendations.With PPC you often learn a lot about somebody’s business so we can be a resource that gets involved with your business and helps you with ideas to expand and grow your business.

To find out more or to discuss your campaigns, please contact us on the form above or on the telephone number in the right hand bar.

We provide freelance PPC consultant services worldwide although restricted to the English language.

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