Email Marketing & Direct Messaging

Email marketing is the channel that consistently offers the highest return on investment yet receives the least attention from business owners.

This is because it is low risk – It only costs £100 – £500 per month for a top tier email marketing platform so even if you do not use it much it will not break the bank.

Channels such as Google Ads & Meta Ads that require a high level of investment and therefore carry a high level of risk to a business get your attention.

That is the wrong way to plan and execute your marketing. You need to take full advantage of the easier opportunities in order to enable faster growth.

If you do not use email marketing to develop and strengthen your relationships with your customers in a personalised and relevant way then you are missing the mark.

Email marketing is a customer retention channel. When you increase your revenue from existing customers at a low cost then it frees up cash flow to be invested in customer recruitment via other channels.

Email marketing should form a strong backbone to the marketing strategy for every business in the world.

But of course – not all email marketing strategies are equal. This is where we come in – we help you plan a strategy and build out the necessary assets so that you grow brand strength and loyalty along with your sales. And your sales will grow!

Recently direct messaging via apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and Telegram are becoming more common place so the communication strategy may also need to think about these methods of contacting your customers.

What you can expect from our
Email & DM Service

Purpose driven

The key problem with email is that there is too much of it. We help you develop an email strategy that means you communicate to the right people at the right time.

Device conscious

Lots of email is now read on mobile devices with varying screen sizes. We consider peoples device usage in our email designs and also the copy length.

Clear strategy

We split the email strategy into transactional emails and then marketing emails. Transactional emails are the mission critical emails around your service and products and then marketing emails are designed to increase sales volumes.

Design led

We use tried and tested email templates for great deliverability. Then we implement imagery that aligns well with your brand and of course we write copy that drives responses.

Work Ethics

Our approach is perhaps not typical – we are flexible around your needs and are at the end of the phone when you want us. We do not see our responsibility ending when we press the send button, it is our job to help you grow your business.

Results Driven

We use data to monitor performance of all emails and learn from the results. We constantly tweak and improve email templates to improve the response rates.

Our Email Marketing Process

1) Determine your needs

We feel that email marketing needs to be collaborative and we can do as much of the work as you like. Typically our service is consultancy based so that you understand everything that is happening and can take on as much as you like internally.

2) Outline communication goals

We map all communications to specific business goals. All emails are designed to move customers towards a desired action.

3) Design & build emails

We use tried and tested email templates for solid deliverability rates and logical layout. We then select imagery carefully and finally tone the copy around the mind set of the customer.

4) Analyse performance & develop

We use the data we get from the emails to allow us to constantly develop and improve the plan. If results are poor then we change tack, if results are good then we ensure we understand why and then leverage further.


Hear what Our clients Say
About us

“ We hired Deep Footprints to manage our paid search campaigns on Google ads initially and then later introduced Microsoft (Bing) Ads. They managed our ad accounts for 5 years. Over that time period the monthly leads grew from about 20 per month up to 100 per month and at the same time the cost per lead was slightly reduced, which aligned with the aims of the campaign.…”

Kerry Katsapaos

Head of Marketing, Mauve Group