What makes your customers click?

Pay per Click

Pay per click marketing is the quickest and easiest to control method of getting your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services. You only pay for clicks from people that see the ads that relate to your business that we create, therefore it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaigns.

We have a very data-led approach to PPC – Data is critical to our methodology for maximising the ROI of your campaigns, our team use their expertise to get the most from your budget.

Our team of PPC consultants all have 10+ years of experience handing complex accounts in some of the worlds most competitive industries.

Our pay per click services cover Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads. We also manage campaigns on Pinterest and Twitter for clients.

What you can expect from our
PPC Management


We align our strategy to your business goals and aim for 100% transparency. You will see exactly the results we are getting for you as you increase your sales/leads and other conversion goals

Identify Weaknesses

Through running PPC campaigns we learn how people interact with your business and become aware of the wider weak spots such as insufficient information on the website, competitor pricing & strengths, technical website issues. We use this knowledge to gain an advantage for you.

Extensive Research

Our process involves getting to understand your specific business and it’s place in your industry on a deep level and to then apply that knowledge alongside our PPC consultants’ experience to get you great results. We understand PPC marketing inside out and know how to adapt the options available to each of our clients specific needs.

Collaborative Approach

We are extremely passionate about helping our clients to achieve their goals and work in a collaborative and thoughtful way to help you gain better business results, whatever this takes. We often collaborate closely with clients internal teams and developers to get better all round results.

Work Ethics

Our approach is perhaps not typical – we are flexible around your needs and are at the end of the phone when you want us. We do not see our responsibility ending with keywords and ads, it is our job to help you grow your business.

Hard Truths

You will not find us to be yes men. If we have some concerns about your business you will hear them straight away and you can rely on us for support in overcoming any problems. The trust of our clients is our most valuable asset.

Range of PPC Services

Shopping Campaigns

Primarily for ecommerce businesses, we set up, manage and optimise your shopping campaigns to help you promote your products and services. We know how to channel the right searches to the right products.

Search Campaigns

Search Ads can work effectively for all businesses. We ensure you get the best quality traffic through extensive search query analysis as well as advert & keyword analysis. Our bidding strategies map directly to your business goals.


The internet is a fickle land and remarketing, when done correctly, means that you stay front of mind for the customers that really matter. We develop strategies to get the right message to the right people at the right time.


We use display marketing sparingly and at the right time. Our main focus is on a direct ROI for our clients but for growing businesses brand awareness becomes important. This is where our brand campaigns play their part.


Hear what Our clients Say
About us

“ Deep Footprints have been instrumental in the growth of our company due to their online marketing work (Google Adwords and Bing ads management, SEO, social media and affiliate marketing)…”

Sarah Massouh

Founder, Willow & Hall