Google Ads
Small Business Free Account Audit
by a PPC Expert

Are you certain you’re maximising the potential of your Google Ads account for optimal results?

Sign up for your complimentary Google Ads Audit and find out how your business’s Google Ads account measures up against the competition and exactly where the opportunities for growth lie. We have managed PPC accounts for some of the most successful companies in the UK and now focus on supporting small businesses to achieve their full potential.

Our team of experts all have 10+ years of experience managing Google ads across B2B, retail & other industries. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of your account and offer actionable advice to help you achieve your advertising goals.

  • Enhance Sales Volumes & Conversion Rates
  • Use Your Budget More Efficiently
  • Benefit from Free Expert Insights

Our comprehensive Google Ads Account Audit is manually conducted and comes at no cost to you. You are not obligated to utilize our services, but we’re confident that our expert guidance will help you optimise your account and drive better results. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

We recognize that as a business owner or Marketing Manager, you may find it challenging to identify what really matters in your Google Ads account and where your focus should be.

Our 100% free Google Ads audits are specifically designed to give you this valuable insight. By taking advantage of this service, you can rest assured that you’re making a smart investment in your company’s success.

Our in-depth audits are conducted manually by an expert, providing a comprehensive analysis of your Google Ads performance. This customized audit, which is tailored to your unique Google Ads account, will reveal in plain English what’s working, what’s not, and where you may be wasting money.

One of our Google Ads experts personally completes each audit, ensuring that you’re receiving human insight and not simply relying on automated reports that look good but fail to pinpoint the issues. We’ll provide you with actionable recommendations for improvement, and the decision on how to proceed is entirely up to you.

It’s important to note that Google Ads is a highly specialized area of digital marketing. As such, we recommend partnering with a dedicated PPC agency that has a proven track record of success. This insider knowledge can provide your company with a competitive edge against your competitors.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your Google Ads account and struggling to see results, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free audit service. It could be the best investment (of time) you make for your company this year.

What to Expect From
Your Free Google Ads Audit:

The report we give back to you will start with a brief overview of our key findings. Each audit we do is different depending on where the attention needs to be focused.
But in general it will cover:

Account & campaign
settings including

Analysis of
all campaigns
& their assets

Deep dive into
& threats

We then get into the nitty gritty of the campaigns:
Campaign overview
  • Review past 2 months and past 6 months
  • Identify most important campaigns
  • Conduct deep dive into each of these campaigns
    to identify strengths and weaknesses
This typically covers
  • Keyword choices
  • Keyword types and relates ad group structure
  • Keyword quality score
  • Negative keywords (Campaign, ad group & list)
  • Ad copy review
  • Location targeting
  • Any device/ schedule settings
  • Ad extensions in use/not being used
  • Landing pages
  • Product/service offering on the websites

Effectively we cover every touch point of the campaigns to ensure that we uncover the reasons behind the performance you are seeing. We cover this for the major campaigns in your account so that the audit covers everything that impacts your business in terms of the google ads account. We ensure that the report is clear and easily actionable for anyone with a basic understanding of Google ads

How to get started and the process

  1. To get a free Google Ads Audit contact us through the form below. Our team will answer your questions and guide you through the process.
  2. We will need your CID (client ID number), which can be found in the top right-hand corner of your Google Ads Account. It’s a 10-digit number that looks like XXX-XXX-XXXX.
  3. After you provide us with your CID number, we will request access to your account through our Google Ads MCC (My Client Center). Once you accept our access request, we’ll start working on your audit. You can remove our access anytime, and we won’t make any changes to your account.
  4. We’ll schedule your free Google Ads Audit as soon as we confirm our access through our MCC. We aim to complete your audit within five working days.
  5. After we complete your audit, we’ll email it across to you and then schedule a screen share meeting with you to go over the findings. Please read through the audit before the call and note down any questions that you have.
  6. You’re free to improve your Google Ads Account based on the audit findings. But if you want to improve your business’s bottom line, we’re happy to help. Contact us now to get started

Why should I use Deep Footprints
for my PPC account audit?

Your Audit will be carried out by a professional who has been working on Google ads for over 10 years across a wide range of businesses. Our experts have seen over and over why Google ads accounts fail to deliver good results and the cause is always different for each business but there are commonalities.

We know where to look to spot your weaknesses that you may have missed.

We are a verified Google Ads Partner. This means that we have passed Google’s certifications and other requirements to prove a good level of understanding of the Google Ads platform. Please click the logo to see the verification of this on Google’s Partner Program website.