Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We specialise in delivering ROI focused SEO campaigns for small and medium sized businesses.

Work with us to develop a technically sound and crawlable website, content that speaks the language of your customers and potential customers (when searching), and an intelligent strategy for sustainable link growth.

All of our SEO work is bespoke to your business. There is no one size fits all approach to SEO. Our SEO consultant service begins with us getting to understand as much about your business as possible: What are your business aims? What is special and unique about your business? What are your strengths and weaknesses and also what are your competitors doing?

We take the time to understand all of this as with SEO a solid strategy is key. Our SEO strategy can really be split into 2 parts:

1) Onsite, technical SEO where we help you ensure that your content is well optimised for the target keywords we identified in the research phase and that your website is accessible to the search engines crawlers.

2) Link building and reputation building – This is where we work closely with you to identify which websites we want links from and how we can go about getting them. This requires creativity, friendliness, knowledge and insight – all of which we bring to the table in abundance.

What you can expect from our SEO Consultancy Service


We align our strategy to your business goals and aim for 100% transparency. You will see exactly the results we are getting for you as you increase your website traffic from the search engines organic listings.

Content development

We help you develop your website so that the content it holds is the most compelling in your industry and targets the right SEO keywords to get you results.

Extensive Research

Our process involves getting to understand your specific business and how people are searching for solutions in your industry. We then apply that knowledge alongside our SEO consultants’ experience to get you great results.

Collaborate Approach

We are extremely passionate about helping our clients to achieve their goals and work in a collaborative and thoughtful way to help you gain better business results, whatever this takes. We often collaborate closely with clients internal teams and developers to get better all round results.

Work Ethics

Our approach is perhaps not typical – we are flexible around your needs and are at the end of the phone when you want us. We do not see our responsibility ending with keywords and content, it is our job to help you grow your business.

Commercial focus

As a small business we think commercially and from the perspective of a client. We are keen for a long term business relationship and know that we need to deliver strong business performance for you and make this our key priority.

Range of SEO service

Keyword Research

We research the keywords that are being used in your industry to find answers on search engines. We then plan out how to integrate these keywords into your existing content as well as to plan new content that is needed.

Content Development

We help you develop content that fulfills 3 key goals – Firstly it appeals to your customers and develops their trust in you, secondly that it attracts social shares and thirdly that it results in links from blogs and media sites.

Link Building

We map out your industry and related industries key websites to target links from. We then develop a plan around how to get those links using the content we develop or that you already have. Finally we conduct the outreach to make this happen.

On-site SEO

We review all of the key technical aspects of your website in the eyes of the search engines- such as that the site is fast to load and that all of your content is well organised and clearly understood.


Hear what Our clients Say
About us

“ We hired Deep Footprints to manage our paid search campaigns on Google ads initially and then later introduced Microsoft (Bing) Ads. They managed our ad accounts for 5 years. Over that time period the monthly leads grew from about 20 per month up to 100 per month and at the same time the cost per lead was slightly reduced, which aligned with the aims of the campaign.…”

Kerry Katsapaos

Head of Marketing, Mauve Group