Increase social sharing by embedding tweets into blog posts

WordPress released a nice little function this week which allows you to embed tweets with a blog post.

This can increase social sharing of your content, particularly if you have a loyal following of users.

Instead of relying on users finding your tweets within their busy Twitter feeds you can present your most important messages in the form of a tweet embedded in your blog posts on WordPress

By simply inserting the URL of a tweet e.g.

embedding tweets into a WordPress blog post

into the body of your blog post, the tweet will be magically transformed into a sharable tweet on publishing the post.

It will appear like this:

This is a live tweet that you can go ahead and share now – go on try it…I’ll wait 😉

There used to be plug ins for this functionality but now it is native to WordPress to incredibly simple to use.

How do you find the URL of an individual tweet?

I knew you were going to ask that!

1) Go to Twitter and find the tweet that you want to embed.

2) Just below the tweet there will be a small piece of text that says “Expand” – just to the left of “reply”, “delete” etc -you need to click on this.

It is shown in the screenshot below:

finding the URL of a tweet


3) You will then see a small link with the word “Details” next to the date and time stamp as shown below: click on “Details”

finding the URL of a tweet image 2

4) You will now be on a page just showing the individual tweet – copy this URL to your clipboard.

5) Paste the URL into your blog post in the relevant place.

All done!

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