Using ChatGPT to write the perfect Instagram / Facebook Ad text

We are all now getting used to generative AI with ChatGPT still the leading tool in the market. We have been using the tool more and more to get the building blocks of ad texts, but have found that building the right prompt is critical and takes some time. In this post we break down,..

Do you ever forget your manners online?

I would be lying if I said that my behaviour online was completely reflective of my offline behaviour. To be honest I do not think it is possible to behave in the same way online and offline effectively as the circumstances are so different. But manners remain incredibly important and I think that it is..

Line – the social network that will topple Facebook?

This is a bit of a diversion from my usual posts on practical PPC or SEO to something more newsy – as I spend a lot of time in Japan I thought it would be interesting for you all;- please let me know what you think? I was in a meeting with a client in..

Socialising your business data with Fliptop

About a year ago I read a blog post (sorry cannot remember where) on the best social media tools. One of the tools mentioned was Fliptop. This is a tool that can take your email data, or your social follower data and append it with much more information on the individuals – e.g. if you..

Traditional Retention and Recruitment Marketing split is finished

Traditional Retention and Recruitment Marketing split is finished – That’s quite a statement and one that perhaps many marketers will disagree with. However, I didn’t just make it up for fun; here is my thinking behind this: One of my first marketing roles back in 2005 was within the retention marketing team of an organisation…

How to use Pinterest

The initial furore over Pinterest finally seems to be simmering down a little, although they are still having to space out the memberships due to high demand. It is also still the fastest growing social network EVER. However, what use is it to the average small business? This post will take you through the basics..