Google make change to ads displayGoogle Adwords have just rolled out a new look to their ads today. I have not seen an official announcement of this yet so perhaps it is still in beta but I am seeing it for every search that I run across Google so I get the feeling that it is not just a test but rather a full release.

The ads have had the transparent background removed and replaced with a little yellow button above them that mentions that it is an ad.

Undoubtedly Google are going to come under fire for this from people claiming it makes the ads less visible and lacks transparency for the user, and Google will counter that actually they are just trying to make things better for users.

The truth is surely that they have tested it and it makes them more money.

This is what the new ads look like:
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Getting better results from product listing ads

With one of our clients we had a poor month with product listing ads in October. I was just digging into the results, found something interesting so thought that I would write about it here. Product listing ads are triggered through users searches matching to data in a product feed submitted to the Google merchant centre. Therefore if you have similar products in your feed then Google may opt to show different items for exactly the same search queries. We tend […]

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Recovering Quality Score in Google Adwords

Quality Score is a key factor in the success of an Adwords account. It contributes significantly to the profitability of an Adwords account as it is a key determinant of the actual CPC that an advertiser pays. If you are in need of a refresher on how quality score is calculated and works then you can read our short guide to Adwords quality score. Why is Quality Score important? Simply; the amount you pay for an Adwords click depends on […]

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Google kill 2 birds with their Dynamic Re-marketing Ads

At the back end of last month (June 2013) Google announced the release of Dynamic re-marketing ads. This is one of the most interesting tools that Google have given to advertisers, and specifically retailers in a very long time. Dynamic re-marketing ads allow advertisers to show past visitors ads that are dynamically generated based on the content in your website that they viewed. For example if a customer to your furniture website views a specific armchair then it makes sense […]

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Adwords Script to track Quality Score on Account, campaign & Ad Group Level

Warning: this post is a bit more technical than most of our posts as we go into some depth on Adwords scripts. BUT – do not worry – if you follow the post through you will hopefully be able to just follow the instructions and achieve what you need to achieve with no coding at all. It is aimed at getting ALL PPC marketers using a basic Adwords script to track quality score. About 6 weeks ago I read this […]

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Interview with an Adwords Quality Score junkie

I spend a lot of time studying and obsessing over the quality score of our clients in their Adwords account as I know what a difference it can make to performance. Here and here are some previous posts on Quality Score. Over the past month or so I have become acquainted with someone who is perhaps even more of a quality score geek than I am, which is kind of reaffirming to discover.

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Why is my CTR so damn low?

With Google Adwords (or SEO for that matter) when you find a keyword that converts well and that gives you good orders/leads at a great cost per conversion you want more from it. You want to squeeze as much traffic out of it as possible as you know that the more traffic you get the more sales you will get. Unfortunately this can sometimes be tricky – sometimes you can bid up a keyword into position 1 but even once […]

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Crudely reverse engineering Google Adwords Quality Score Formula

This has given me a headache – there are a lot of spreadsheets coming up so brace yourself. I set up a new clients account last week and was taking them through it when a question that they asked gave me an idea. Just take a moment to check the QS of the keywords below:

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