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Self confidence and marketing

by Joel on September 18, 2012 · 2 comments

in Marketing Strategy

confidence of marketersMy self confidence is something that has been constantly challenged as a marketer and so I have decided to divert from my usual content on search marketing and social with a post that is more personal but hopefully also enlightening.

Marketing is a discipline where we can quickly go from being the champion of the office to the devil incarnate in a matter of hours. Even with all of the data we have at our finger tips today as digital marketers combined with all of our experience we all still often fail as much as we succeed, and personally I have had some pretty introspective days after big fails.

Both failure and winning have a major effect on my confidence levels but it’s got to the point where I try to play down the wins and roll over the losses in order to maintain a steadier course. I do not mean that I have trained myself to stubbornly ignore my mistakes; I spend a lot of time trying to understand why something did not work and what I can do to avoid making such a mistake again, I just mean that I try not to dwell on negative thoughts – take the learning and use it positively.

However – it has taken me many years and much stress to get to a more balanced emotional level and I am far from immune to increased heart rates when testing something new.
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