Data-Driven Excellence: Navigating the World of Data-Driven Attribution in Google Ads

Have you ever looked at a conversion path report in Google Analytics 4? Here it is for one of our clients for last month: What this shows is the different patterns of visits that users take before completing a conversion action in the website. The path length varies by website but it is rare that..

Connecting the Dots: How to Leverage Offline Conversion Import in Google Ads

Firstly I will start with 3 qualifying questions to understand if you should read this post or not: If your answer to those questions are all “yes” then please read on as there is a simple solution: In the dynamic landscape of online advertising, businesses often grapple with the challenge of connecting their digital efforts..

Phasing out of third party cookies: What small businesses need to do.

This guide is designed with small businesses in mind – regardless of the country you are in this change will impact your digital marketing and you need to take a few hours to understand what is happening and also what you need to do to prepare. We put this off during 2023 as we knew..