Google Shopping Ads – Gain an advantage with Conversion Annotations

Ever feel your Google Shopping Ads get lost in a sea of similar products? Here’s a secret weapon you might not be aware of: conversion annotations. These are little badges of trust that can significantly boost your click-through rates and sales. What are Conversion Annotations? Conversion annotations are social proof badges displayed directly on your..


Why Steven Gerrard is the Email Marketing of the Digital Marketing Landscape

Steven Gerrard, a former English professional footballer, is widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation. His consistent performance throughout his career led him to countless succcesses, However Gerrard was frequently overshadowed by more flashy teammates for a few reasons: Style of Play: Gerrard’s style was more about effectiveness than flair. While..

Navigating Financial Challenges in Small Business: Strategic Marketing vs. Cost-Cutting

In times of financial uncertainty, small businesses often face a critical decision: invest in marketing to fuel growth or cut costs to conserve resources. This decision can significantly impact a business’s trajectory for years to come. The important thing to recognise is that if you are in a hole then it is necessary to make..

Cognitive bias and decision making

The Cognitive Biases that Lead to Poor Marketing Decisions

Following a complicated call with a client where they were seemingly blindsided to a problem in the business I started thinking about my own cognitive biases and how these influence my thinking. I put together this list of the different biases that I try to be mindful of – I think I have fallen for..