White hat SEO Linkbuilding – 14 step process infographic

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about what is a reliable link building process that can be trusted not to fall foul of Google and also that will improve traffic.

I have given a basic outline of our process in the following, and epically long infographic. I am not really sure that it can be classed as an infographic as it is really just a blog post split up into easy bite sized chunks. I read a post about using Powerpoint for Infographics by Hubspot so thought I would give it a go. I need to outsource design work!

If you suffer from any sizing issues – i.e. it coming out too small then you can see the SEO linkbuilding 14 step infographic here.

SEO linkbuilding 14 step guide part 1

SEO linkbuilding 14 step guide part 2

2 thoughts on “White hat SEO Linkbuilding – 14 step process infographic

  1. Nice infographic Joel and good that it actually covers areas that a lot of agencies miss out, like the building of real content. Many clients are surprised when we tell them that their sites just aren’t good enough and that the content is thin, even though they often have less than 100 words on the page!

    1. Hi Jonathan
      Yes – giving tough feedback is not always easy as no-one wants to hear it. However it is definitely a part of our jobs. I find that educating clients can take time but is necessary to get a good job done – if a client is not willing to commit for the long term (not to us but to creating good content) then perhaps they are not ready to be doing SEO in 2013.

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