Does Matt Cutts’ Statement on Guest Blogging Signal a Weakness at Google?

The news of the week in the SEO community comes off the back of this post by Matt Cutts. He started the post by saying this: Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more..

Building links for a .gov site – an obvious thing that we learnt

A few months back we were asked to help a government organisation form an SEO link building strategy. Compared to most sites we do link building for it was an absolute breeze but we did notice a few things that could be carried across into general link building strategies for all kinds of websites. image..

White hat SEO Linkbuilding – 14 step process infographic

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about what is a reliable link building process that can be trusted not to fall foul of Google and also that will improve traffic. I have given a basic outline of our process in the following, and epically long infographic. I am not really sure that..

Bloody Hell – The A-Team knew the secret to SEO link building

I guess I kind of threw you with that title? To be honest it threw me too; who would ever have guessed that Hannibal, BA Baraccus, Face and Raving Mad Murdoch had the secret to SEO link building in 2013 up their sleeves all those years ago. I was having a conversation with another SEO..

How to identify SEO link building opportunities

Link building has been an important element of SEO ever since Google introduced PageRank to their algorithm many years ago. For SEO newcomers; PageRank is a theory and patented technology introduced by Larry Page, the founder of Google which basically attributes value to a document (page) on the web based on the quality and number..

SEO is changing but it is certainly not dead

There have been many within the digital marketing industry who have been commenting of late that SEO is dead; Here are a few examples: Although I agree with the authors that SEO is indeed changing; stating that it is dead is just naive – and no, I cannot claim to hold an objective..

The Google Knowledge Graph and SEO

This week Google announced their biggest change since 2007 and considering they make around 500 changes to their algorithm each year, some which have had massive impact on their search results, this change is potentially a game changer. Google have always held the dream of being able to understand peoples intentions through their searches and..