Bloody Hell – The A-Team knew the secret to SEO link building

I guess I kind of threw you with that title? To be honest it threw me too; who would ever have guessed that Hannibal, BA Baraccus, Face and Raving Mad Murdoch had the secret to SEO link building in 2013 up their sleeves all those years ago. I was having a conversation with another SEO..

How to identify SEO link building opportunities

Link building has been an important element of SEO ever since Google introduced PageRank to their algorithm many years ago. For SEO newcomers; PageRank is a theory and patented technology introduced by Larry Page, the founder of Google which basically attributes value to a document (page) on the web based on the quality and number..

Creating a CRM database for your SEO linkbuilding

I have found over the past few months that managing my link building from a spreadsheet, and often multiple spreadsheets has been getting a bit ridiculous as well as a touch unproductive. This led me to get more active on the hunt for useful tools to help me speed up the productivity of my link..