Probably the best Google Doodle ever

I am by no means a Google evangelist; no business has ever given me such terrible service in my life, well at least not consistently bad customer service; they treat the average customer of theirs like a piece of non descriptive sticky residue found on the underside of your jeans following a night on the tiles.

However, I am going to go off topic in support of today’s Google Doodle – it’s brilliant.

In memory of the legendary guitarist Les Paul and on his 96th birthday Google have put together a workable guitar that reads the position of your mouse on the screen without clicking and lets you play some tunes.

It’s almost pointless me writing this post as 80% of the world will have already seen it but in case you haven’t then go and take a look and a play.

Click on the image below to go and play.

Les Paul Google Doodle


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